You probably know the situation, when your team or you have to work on a topic and the tasks being addressed and distributed. After several days or weeks you come again together and decisions are taken without alignments but in the best faith. Endless discussions start, “Why have you not involved us…”, “Was it really your expectation, that I take this task?” or “Why have you not consulted us before?”

Good question to analyze the situation after the fact, but what to do to prevent such a situation?

It is as simple as possible. Get your delegation level structured. In teams we have very good experience with the delegation cards method, based on the Management 3.0 principle. Upcoming task, objectives or decisions are structured in 7 Levels. It is clear in advance what authorization the person has to go ahead.

From “address” where you decide and you only try to explain without expecting feedback up to “delegate” where you fully leave the decision up to others without being actively informed. The cards clarify the expectations and rules for both sides in easy to understand levels. Side-conditions are much easier to discuss between the team members, you and your team members or between your boss and you.

This structured delegation increases the speed and flexibility by clearer frame-conditions and pre-alignments. Misunderstandings are reduced to a minimum. This is vital for agile companies to keep their advantage on speed and flexibility by using the power and engagement of each individual team member to a maximum without endless repetition loops.

Why not trying our Viabilita cards by yourself? They will help structuring your daily business, regardless if you are part of an equal team, if you are the boss and delegate tasks or if you negotiate with your superior.

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